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Employee Benefits is Puzzling

Employees don’t get to see all the pieces of the puzzle because employers are making choices for them behind the scenes. The what, how, why and when is not revealed to employees. Vanguard Resources helps employers identify its employee benefits puzzle pieces and put them together in a way that brings clarity to employee benefits for everyone.

Compliance – A Personal Touch

Get answers to your own compliance questions free of charge, through our exclusive access to a Washington, DC-based employee benefits law firm.

As another service for our clients and prospective clients, we have secured a discount on a technology solution that allows employers to stay in compliance on federal laws and regulations regarding Health & Welfare issues.  Employers will be able to customize the technology based on their group size, health and welfare plans that are in place, and communication needs.

The technology provider also supplies us with Federal Compliance checklists and the opportunity to create new checklists based on what the employers are saying they need.

Constantly updated checklist topics include:

  • Health Care Reform Checklist
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Forms 1094/1095 Reporting
  • What to Expect from a DOL Audit
  • Electronic Delivery Rules, Safe Harbor Regulation
  • Summary of Notices and Disclosures

Request a “Compliance Checklist”

Too Much Information

too much information

It’s easier to commit to goals when complex issues are clarified.  But quick decisions without sufficient data can result in higher costs, disappointment, and frustration.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Simplicity leads to focus.  And focus produces clarity of purpose.

“The secret to success is constancy of purpose” – Benjamin Disraeli, philosopher

Benefit Managers, Human Resource Managers, and Consultants mean well but they put up the same roadblocks to employee benefits communication clarity by these factors:

  • Too many ideas detract focus.
  • Mixed messages for learning goals bewilder people.
  • Irrelevant details bury key ideas.
  • Disorganized documents discourage reading.
  • Convoluted sentences cause re-reading and waste time.

Proper employee benefits purchasing and communication requires a clear process.  Request our “Too Much Information” checklist

Customized Planning

While everyone strives for long term relationships, periodically every relationship must be reassessed.  HR Managers and Benefit Managers need to discover new terms, conditions, and pricing that may be available in the current market.  They need to know the emerging risks for their sector and how to mitigate them.  They need to know the current market trends.  They need to know about tools and resources (e.g. claim data analytics) available to help them identify, mitigate and transfer the risk.

A good bid process can help ensure you have good vendors and your project is completed as planned.  Request the “VRI Customized Planning” tool